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Zhongyuan Hengrui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Office:601 Room, 3 Unit 6 Building, Dianchang Road, Zhengzhou, China.

Factory:Heshuo Road, Wuzhi County Industrial area, Henan Province, China

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About Us

Brief introduction

Henan Heng Rui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in March 2014, the former Heng Rui Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Machinery Factory (founded in September 2006) evolved in a short span of eight years, from less than 100 Heng Rui square meters of factory production to today's fifteen thousand square meters of modern production workshop; venture expanded from the initial five to now more than 100 employees; from a single production plant and the development of a single product line to today's six departments duties and four series of more than 20 kinds of products, is a collection of scientific research, production, management, sales as one of the Company. 

At present, the company produces Spraying machines, hydraulic seeding machine, dry spray, wet spraying machine, spraying machine and other products have been in the country mines, tunnels, slopes, hydropower engineering, underground and municipal infrastructure widely used in infrastructure construction, and exported to the United States, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan and Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, and won the Department of Energy and Technology Progress Award. Especially the new design and development of Spraying machines, seeding green industry to bring a technical revolution, and declared a high-tech patents, patent No.: 200820071063.6. The models are popular among customers welcome and trust, and in the domestic application of new military camouflage and the most advanced non-toxic waste landfill exclusively on environmental treatment applications. 

"Rigorous, pragmatic, integrity, innovation" is the constant Rui who always adhere to the concept of professionalism and behavior. Heng Rui company Language --- the largest transportation hub in Zhengzhou, where convenient transportation connections, freight logistics but also throughout the country, completed ahead of schedule for our customers to provide effective protection. 

Along the way, people Heng Rui stormy and rough, we no best, only better. 

Heng Rui who has been on the road, in the struggle ahead, growth in the struggle. Select Heng Rui, not only choose our first-class products, technology and reputation, but also chose our first-class service and the constant struggle Rui who never give up the idea. 

We sincerely hope that with your cooperation in mutual understanding, promote friendship, and believed that "a first-class enterprise management, first-class product quality, first-class reputation," will make you satisfied., Sincerely hope to cooperate with our friends and win-win!


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