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Ecological protection engineering(1)

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   First of all, if the technology of soil jet seeding machine is ignored in the process of road construction, it may lead to the imbalance of ecological environment development of slope and the vulnerability of disaster resistance and so on.Therefore, the design should be further refined, according to different climate conditions, different environments, different regions in combination with specific conditions of the individual design, pay attention to the implementation of slope ecological environment protection program.

   Secondly, the important measure to prevent slope grass degradation by using the technology of soil jet seeding is to combine trees, shrub and grass to simulate the local community structure and localize it.Turf protection should be the main protection in the early stage, and shrub protection should be the main protection in the later stage, so as to construct the three-dimensional protection ecosystem of Arbor, Irrigation and Grass, so as to restore natural vegetation.The selection and allocation of plant seeds should be localized, with zonal vegetation and native plants as the keynote, and suitable wild plants and exotic plants suitable for local growth conditions should be introduced.



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