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Features of hydroseeding technology

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Features of hydroseeding technology

Hydroseeding technology is a kind of Large-scale vegetation mechanical planting technology developed for slope greening.Main features are as following:


1. Low constructing cost and high performance.Whether it is in the mixing link or the conveying and spraying link, the hydraulic spraying technology can greatly reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and reduce construction costs. For example, it takes 1~2 days to spray 10,000 m2 of turf, and its cost is 5~10 yuan/m2, which is a low-input and high-output technology.

2. Hydraulic spraying technology has relatively high technical requirements. The hydraulic spray seeding technology is a modern vegetation planting technology with relatively high technical content. It does not solve some of the problems encountered in traditional artificial vegetation planting, and it can also complete the various processes of vegetation planting at one time, which improves the construction s efficiency. At the same time, it reduces the requirement of vegetation planting on wind, even under the influence of wind force of level 5, it will not reduce the effect of spraying in the slightest. In addition, it can also improve the physical and chemical conditions of the soil surface.

3. The time it takes to build a turf is reduced and the lawn coverage is greater. The hydraulic spraying technology not only provides a protective film for the seeds, but also creates a good culture base for the germination and growth of the seeds, thereby improving the survival rate of the seeds. Not only that, it also speeds up the germination and growth of seeds, shortens the time for turf formation and improves lawn coverage. Compared with the traditional artificial vegetation planting, the time for turf formation has been shortened by about 20 days, and the lawn coverage has increased by at least 30%.

4. The uniformity of the lawn is large and the quality is high. Since the mixture of hydraulic spraying is evenly stirred and the speed of spraying is also the same, the uniformity of the lawns established by spraying is very high. According to the survey of the Kunming Golf Course, the uniformity of the lawn on the inner slope of the golf course is as high as 95%, and the uniformity of the lawn on the outer slope is also more than 85%, which is even more uniform than that of artificially planting the same type of lawn on a gentle slope of 15°. The degree is 40-50% higher.




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