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  • Respect the law of nature


    Based on the theory of adapting to ecology, we should respect nature, face up to nature, protect nature, restore nature, give consideration to ecological benefit, economic benefit and social benefit, so as to achieve the evergreen four seasons and reflect the landscape effect with local characterist Read More

  • Layout principle of slope greening


    The main purpose of slope plant protection is to protect the slope, prevent erosion and beautify the environment. Generally speaking, the plant should choose drought, barren, developed root system, good coverage, easy to survive and easy to manage. At the same time, it takes into account the landsca Read More

  • Expressway Greening


    In the high speed road in our country, the most serious damage is the high speed slope, which can effectively reduce the problem of high speed road damage, reduce soil and water loss, and protect the environment to contribute to the greening project. With the rapid growth of China's social economy, Read More

  • Spraying planting and Greening Technology


    Spraying planting and greening technology is a major innovation in modern greening technology. Its advantages are fast speed, high efficiency, low investment and low cost. Some countries have widely used it. Its basic principle is the application of machinery to seeds, fertilizers, and clay. Mix glu Read More

  • HKP Hydroseeding machine in slope greening


    The technology of soil spray seeding is to mix soil, organic substrate, binder, water-retaining agent, fertilizer, acid and alkali regulator and seed in a certain proportion, and then stir them well. The soil layer of plant growth is formed on the complex slope where the original vegetation is destr Read More

  • Hengrui Factory Greening


    Building a beautiful factory Read More

  • Difference between construction machinery engine and vehicle engine


    In general, due to the difference in the environment and conditions of use, the difference in the use environment between the engine of a vehicle engine and a construction machine [referred to as an industrial machine] is basically: First, the automotive machine requires good acceleration, la Read More

  • Hengrui HKP soil hydroseeding


    The seeding machine is a kind of vegetation greening machinery and equipment, which is mainly used for the highway (railway) slope greening, slope protection, mountain governance, mine complex green, desert treatment, landfill disposal and other projects.The seeding machine is an advanced planting p Read More

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