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  • Grass planting technology


    Soil spraying planting is a new technique of greening in the world at present. This technique obeys the law of nature and sprays the organic soil substrates in proportion and thickness on the slopes which have been fixed with wire mesh in advance. Then it is sprayed to plant grass, which makes it di Read More

  • Selection of vegetation for slope greening


    Selection of plants suitable for local climatic conditions The selection of plants suitable for local growth is a key link. The first consideration in selecting greening materials is temperature. The highest temperature determines whether the plant can survive the summer safely, and the lowest tempe Read More

  • The advantages of the factory


    Advanced production equipment: CNC laser cutting machine, high-end machining center, high-end bending machine, robot intelligent welding 2, thanks to advanced production equipment and more than 10 years of technology precipitation, We have the first-class processing technology 3, the national level Read More

  • China efficiency hydroseeding machine


    The spraying and sowing technology is a new greening method combined with two techniques of spraying and free irrigation. The greening is mixed with water in a mixing container and mixed with water in a mixing container. Water materials and various nutrients ensure the water and other nutrients need Read More

  • Hydroseeding machine machine helps to improve the surrounding environment


    The rapid development of Hakka-soil sprayer brings a new hope for slope beautification. Provides excellent solutions for soil erosion, degradation and biological chains, debris flows, and other problems. It is a long time to rehabilitate the ecological slope formed by natureundefineds personal engin Read More

  • Hydroseeding technology by widely used


    Hydroseeding is a common greening technology, which is widely used in large cities. The most important features of this technology are: Operational implementation The technology of soil jet seeding machine faces up to the fact that the original stone overslope can not be directly afforested, invests Read More

  • Hydroseeding machine is a good helper for landscaping


    Hydroseeding method was widely accepted by, many contractors and landscape engineers due to its high performance. Hydroseeding is a complementary application used together with Erosion Control Blanket. The slurry consists of fertilizer, signal grass seeds, mulching material. Fibromat manufactures Read More

  • Ecological protection engineering


    According to the requirements of the connotation of sustainable development and the coordination with the natural environment (ecosystem) and the ecological function of environmental protection, the spray-seeding project of slope greening equipment is concerned with the present situation and problem Read More

  • The significance and basic principles of slope greening


    The slope vegetation engineering can be divided into soil slope greening and stone slope greening and its environmental significance is obvious. Slope greening can beautify the environment, conserve water sources, prevent soil erosion and landslides, purifying the air. For rock slope, side slope gre Read More

  • How to choose the slope greening equipment


    Slope greening equipment can be divided into soil slope greening equipment and stone slope greening equipment, its environmental protection significance is obvious. Slope greening can beautify the environment, conserve water, prevent soil erosion and landslide, purify air. Slope greening is particul Read More



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