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  • 10-16 2018 +Read More
    Ecological protection engineering

    According to the requirements of the connotation of sustainable development and the coordination with the natural environment (ecosystem) and the ecological function of environmental protection, the spray-seeding project of slope greening equipment is concerned with the present situation and problem

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    Hydroseeding, the best erosion control method

    Hydroseeding is a spray-on water-based mixture of grass seed, wood fiber and fertilizer. It is often used to grow grass on steep slopes to help prevent soil erosion. The process of hydroseeding involves fiber mulch, fertilizer, water, seed and sometimes lime being mixed together inside a tank, and t

  • 10-15 2018 +Read More
    Selection of the main physiological characteristics of plant seeds

    (1)Tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea): it has strong cold tolerance. It is suitable for all kinds of soil conditions and adapts to all kinds of site conditions. (2) Camptotheca acuminata: poor tolerance and strong cold tolerance. It can grow in acid soil under forest shade, and its root system densit

  • 10-10 2018 +Read More
    Introduce four special slope greening

    There are many facilities and methods for slope greening. Therefore, we remind everyone that the greening method must be based on actual conditions to select the greenest method so as to save manpower and material resources. When it comes to greening, you may encounter a variety of situations that a

  • 09-29 2018 +Read More
    Hydroseeding Advantages

    · Used predominantly for erosion control purpose, hydroseeding hold moisture and protect against soil loss from rain through the binding of seed, mulch, tackifiers and other soil conditioners for immediate slope protection.· Most economical method of establishing desired turf compare

  • 09-11 2018 +Read More
    The necessity of the development of the spraying machine

    Suggestions on the environmental protection of the sprayer, the elimination of white garbage pollution, the persistence of the classification of garbage and the care of plants, the formation of the habit of saving water, reducing the use of various chemical products as far as possible, and the ratio



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