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  • 06-25 2018 +Read More

    Hydroseeding method was widely accepted by, many contractors and landscape engineers due to its high performance. Hydroseeding is a complementary application used together with Erosion Control Blanket. The slurry consists of fertilizer, signal grass seeds, mulching material. Fibromat manufactures Er

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    Introduce four special slope greening

    There are many facilities and methods for slope greening. Therefore, we remind everyone that the greening method must be based on actual conditions to select the greenest method so as to save manpower and material resources. When it comes to greening, you may encounter a variety of situations that a

  • 06-06 2018 +Read More
    Ecological protection engineering(1)

    First of all, if the technology of soil jet seeding machine is ignored in the process of road construction, it may lead to the imbalance of ecological environment development of slope and the vulnerability of disaster resistance and so on.Therefore, the design should be further refined, according to

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    Selection of new techniques and methods for slope greening

    According to local temperature, rainfall, slope ratio, rock fissure, rock hardness, plant selection, In order to increase the connection between the growth and development foundation and the slope body, it is decided to adopt the "Metal mesh laying Project vegetation Base material spraying Project"

  • 06-04 2018 +Read More
    Hydroseeding Advantages

    · Used predominantly for erosion control purpose, hydroseeding hold moisture and protect against soil loss from rain through the binding of seed, mulch, tackifiers and other soil conditioners for immediate slope protection.· Most economical method of establishing desired turf compare

  • 05-31 2018 +Read More
    Spraying technology product features

    and efficiency of construction.Can be used for soil, sand and other soilless surface or organic soil surface spray sowing.It is used for spraying mixture or similar materials composed of grass carbon soil, water, fertilizer and other additives. It is an ideal plant planting machine and ecological re



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