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Building green highways and protecting the ecological environment

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 Green highway is breaking the tradition step by step, with the strong vigor, the new idea, the new request, the new technology are derived constantly. But at present, the green highway is in the climbing stage, due to the lack of evaluation system and design guidelines, resulting in the owners of units, designers of environmental protection awareness is not in place, the design phase of the concept of green highway integration problems have been highlighted. In the high-end forum for the development of green highway in Chinaundefineds transportation industry, many experts, scholars, designers and builders also indicated that it is urgent to perfect the evaluation system of green highway and issue design guidelines. Only by solving the problem of primary power and supporting ability of green highway development can we inject strong power into green highway. This requires all aspects of the industry to work together to overcome difficulties, not only to be guided by the ideas of the competent departments of the industry, but also to require the design units to write flowers, to innovate the technology of the construction units, and to upgrade the products of the suppliers of materials and equipment. The third party evaluation system is needed, and the design guide is established as soon as possible. Green Highway has become a powerful driving force to promote industry management innovation, quality improvement and service optimization. But to lead a deep shift in the way roads are developed, the idea of green needs to be integrated into every corner of the industry.


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