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Chinese soil spraying machine for slope greening

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  Hydroseeding is considered by experts as the most efficient way to restore deteriorating grass,wether it’s for a small backyard or thousands of acres.Hydroseeding is also commonly used for rapid erosion control and environmental restoration.

  HKP series of spray seeding machine is used for slope greening professional equipment, the equipment will be through the soil matrix, water retaining agent, binder, seeds, fertilizer, spraying machine in stirred tank is mixed with water to form colloidal slurry with high lift multistage pump the seeding to be broadcast on the slope. Because the mixed slurry contains water retaining materials, adhesive materials and all kinds of nutrients, it can effectively prevent rainwater from scouring while ensuring the growth of water and other nutrient sources needed for plant growth. Therefore, plants can grow healthily and rapidly.

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