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Ecological restoration of landfill

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Landfill ecological restoration refers to the planting of a specific plant on contaminated soil, and the plant has a special ability to absorb and enrich the polluting elements in the soil. After the plant is harvested and properly processed, the plant can be treated The pollutants are removed from the soil to achieve the purpose of pollution control and ecological restoration. Because the landfill is mainly municipal solid waste, it is a good source of organic fertilizer for plant growth. Through plant growth, it not only plays a role in soil and water conservation, reduces the capacity of waste soil, improves soil quality, but also increases the water supply and fertility of the soil to plants, and improves the ecological environment of the soil. Phytoremediation is characterized by its good purification effect, unique economic benefits, low energy consumption, simplicity, and ease of reconstruction and restoration of a good ecosystem.

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