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Greening foundation engineering before construction of greening project

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Today, people's awareness of environmental protection, afforestation, greening slope and so on, has been put on the agenda, the source Zhengzhou Heng Rui Machinery Manufacturing Co., is a sales of green equipment based company, today we want to tell you is in a large area of green early green infrastructure projects.
At present, the greening technology itself although it has made great progress, but the natural force based on the growth and development of plants does not change. Therefore, in the import plants, plant to make stable and sustainable growth, must control to create a suitable environment for the growth of green plants. Foundation engineering is mainly through civil engineering means to stabilize and improve plant growth substrate, by setting the job growth matrix instability become stable, create and improve the growth matrix, is in hard rock or lack of soil nutrients in the rock soil nutrient lack or hard soil on the ground, to create a matrix for plants to grow into plants to grow the matrix to create a matrix plants can grow to create a matrix for plants to grow, while improving the ventilation, the existing matrix of soil hardness, water holding capacity, water permeability, soil acidity; mild climate That is, to avoid the cold, frozen soil, wind, sand and other disasters that plants will suffer injury, Yanmai, root loose, excessive erosion, evapotranspiration and other hazards.greening d.jpg

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