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HKP hydro seeding Construction technology Use for stone slope & High and steep slopes

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Spraying grass planting, spraying sowing protection technology is the use of liquid sowing principle, tenacious vitality, and can meet a variety of greening function of plant seeds after scientific treatment and fertilizer, planting soil, fiber materials, water retaining agents, adhesives and water According to a certain percentage into the mixing tank after the mixture was stirred to full suspension, the mixture was sprayed directly onto the slope using a centrifugal pump or imported hose to the slope, forming a uniform cover under the protection of the plant seed layer, And then lay non-woven fabric protection, and forcing a green slope construction technology.


HKP Soil seeding steps:

一、Clean the slope  

Clean up the debris on the slope, remove the pumice and loose rocks, cut holes in the concrete slope or break some of the concrete, and trim the slope to make the slope smooth so that the barbed wire can be laid. Check if there is a ditch at the top of the slope to prevent direct scouring of the sowing surface.


二、Laying barbed wire    

Laying, the barbed wire hanging into the top of the anchor should be along the slope from top to bottom laying, taut to the bottom of the slope and then implement anchor bolts; and then laying the next one. Two network edge lap width of not less than one mesh, the application of wire tie, there is a gap between the two networks also apply wire tie firm. When fixing the barbed wire with the main anchor on the top of the slope, the barbed wire should be fixed in the middle of the anchor and then.


三、Punch, grout under the rod

According to the site construction requirements in the slope according to the specifications of the drawings punched, and then in accordance with the specifications of the drawings under the anchor.

四、Fixed barbed wire

After anchoring the anchor bar, the barbed wire will be fixed on the anchor bar with the wire, and finally the netting operation will be completed. After the barbed wire is fixed, the fiber skeleton layer is set according to local conditions by using different fiber materials.

五、Medium preparation and spraying    

The substrate added to the spray machine mix evenly, the material sprayed on the slope, the formation of material medium adhesion on the slope. Spray as much as possible from the front, to avoid supine jet, bump and dead parts to pay full attention to, do not miss, jet thickness as uniform as possible, but good conditions in the vegetative state may be appropriate to spray thin, less thick spray some of the conditions. Spraying three to five times, the first seed spray 2-3cm thick nutrient substrate, and then spray 3-4cm thick medium-based substrate sprayed seed medium containing the seed layer thickness of 1cm, each Sown square meters 20 - 41g. After sowing, barbed wire substrate area covered by more than 80-90%.


六、AB-type anti-rain erosion materials and anti-fern surface fibers

七、Covering non-woven or sun screen


八、Conservation management


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