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Henan Heng Rui soil hydroseeder universal rotary spray gun instructions

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The universal rotary spray gun independently developed by Hengrui Machinery has obtained the national utility model patent and the patent number ZL201220023125.2. As one of the important components of the custom soil sprayer, it plays an important role in the construction of slope soil greening and sowing. Its characteristics are: it is flexible in the use of large outlet pressure (up to 2.4MPA), reliable sealing, easy operation; easy installation, removal and replacement of seals, the higher the pressure under the action of thrust ball bearings, the more light and flexible operation, The gun can also be rotated at any angle within the horizontal and vertical planes to achieve a variety of angles within the scope of the spray broadcast, leaving no dead spots sprayed.

However, during use, due to the high speed and large vibration during the start-up of the sprayer, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points when using the universal rotary spray gun to prevent the particles from clogging when the mud sprays out, or the operator is not attentive. Concentrated on accidental release.

1. The operator must thoroughly understand the performance and characteristics of the spray gun, master the operating techniques, and operate the spray gun in strict accordance with the specifications.

2, to grip the spray gun handle, attention is highly concentrated, to prevent vibration to take off.

3. Clean the spray gun in time to change the angle to prevent particles from clogging.

4. When changing the angle, the phase bolt should be installed in place.

5. When changing the angle and cleaning the spray gun, turn off the power in time and remove the key.

6. The operation platform should be cleaned up in time to prevent people from falling due to slippery or foreign objects.

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