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Hengrui HKP soil hydroseeding

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The seeding machine is a kind of vegetation greening machinery and equipment, which is mainly used for the highway (railway) slope greening, slope protection, mountain governance, mine complex green, desert treatment, landfill disposal and other projects.

The seeding machine is an advanced planting plant introduced from abroad. It is currently used in Europe, North America and Japan. In the late 1990s, the Academy of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Communications introduced spray protection technology from Japan and quickly promoted it in the national highway greening industry. It has become an effective method for planting vegetation on highway side slope vegetation protection, river bank biological protection and scale green space establishment. The sprayer equipment is the key to the construction quality and efficiency.

Development history

Dry sprayer


1, thick layer spray, suitable for more than 60 degrees slope hanging barbed stone slope.

2, a molding (thickness is generally 6-8CM)

3, the probability of blocking the pipe is very small, pressure by the wind up.


1, low efficiency;

2, the construction cost is high (1, parts are vulnerable, 2 need to support the air compressor, generators, mixers, high acquisition costs);

3, need more labor (high labor costs), the construction of a relatively large risk;

4, easy to flush the rain;

5, supporting equipment is not convenient to move.

Concrete pump


1. The mixing material has high concentration and thick spray layer (concentration can reach 80%, spraying layer 3-5cm, spraying 800m2 in one day);

2, the efficiency is higher when not blocking the pipe;

3, continuous construction operations;

4, spray particles larger 30mm;

5, the transmission distance is relatively far horizontal 200m vertical 100m.


1, the cost is relatively high;

2, the machine structure is more complex, supporting more machines, resulting in difficult maintenance and repair, the general level of workers is not easy to operate, difficult operation, suitable for professionals to operate;

3, the machine wearing parts more, the main wearing parts of the general life of 1000-2000m3 change more trouble, need more after-sales service, the site is not convenient;

4, because the aggregate particles are relatively large, can reach 30mm caused by the blocking rate is relatively large, the general use of iron pipe connection, but the blocking of the tube needs a long time to clean up a day, a waste of time;

5, the construction risk is relatively high (with the dry sprayer);

6, in the spray scattered slope and slope is not high slope is moving very cumbersome and inconvenient.

Custom soil sprayer


1, the higher the concentration of spices 50% -70%, slightly thinner than the second generation;

2, the cost is relatively low (from the acquisition cost and labor costs, use costs are relatively low);

3, greatly improve the safety of construction;

4, easy to move, especially suitable for low slope and more dispersed slope;

5, the construction is more convenient, the whole machine independent operation, easy to use.

Custom soil sprayer

1. The whole frame of the sowing and sowing machine adopts 120 square pipes for careful welding. The tank body is made of 5mm steel plate. The key part of the tank body is reinforced with a thickened 20mm steel plate to ensure that the whole machine is durable and stable;

2. In the inlet of the pump, there is a special spiral stirring conveying material structure, which can transport viscous material and increase the thickness of sprayed layer;

3. The whole machine adopts mechanical agitation and chain transmission, which is easy to use, high in transmission efficiency, easy to maintain and maintain, and easy to operate. The agitation adopts a combination of spiral blade mechanical agitation and backwash agitation to form a three-dimensional agitation and effectively improve the agitation uniformity. ;

4. It is driven by a single diesel engine, which has low fuel consumption, easy operation and maintenance, and reduces the use cost and working cost;

5, equipped with a 360-degree free rotation universal nozzle, and the other with a length and fan-shaped nozzle and pilot valve, easy to switch according to different work surfaces;

6、The core pump of the sowing and sowing seeder adopts a special pressurized multi-stage pump, which can spray the viscous material from the nozzle at high speed and directly shoot the range of 20-50m, reduce the construction difficulty, increase the efficiency, increase the safety, and the high slope can be connected. Rubber wear-resistant pipe, increase the lift, convenient construction.


1. According to the different proportions of the conveyed materials, there is a big difference in the transport distance.

2. Proposed ratio of ingredients: Water: Soil: Rice husks, etc. Spraying substrate = 1:2:1 (The proportion of soil is measured on the basis of sandy soil, and the clay needs to be appropriately reduced according to specific conditions)

Hydraulic sprayer

1, also known as hydraulic sprayer or hydraulic sprayer, especially suitable for covering three-dimensional network, can be formed once. During the construction of the site, suitable soil can be added according to the site conditions to reduce the amount of paper fiber and wood fiber, reduce the construction cost in a large amount, speed up the construction speed, and effectively increase the germination rate and survival rate of the grass seed;

2. The hydraulic sprayer is driven by dual diesel engines. The stirring and output power are separated. The lift is higher and the efficiency is faster. It can be used as a large-scale greening and spraying of the dam on the slope of the road side of the railway, and can also be used to Spraying rice fields, lawns, tree flowers, crop seeds, etc., can also be used for daily care and soil improvement such as irrigation, fertilization, and spraying pesticides.

3, the machine is safe and simple operation, the machine anti-skid platform is equipped with a full-featured operating panel, high 80cm protective fence can be installed and unloaded according to need, not only to ensure the safety of the console and frame gun operator and other staff, but also at the workbench On the temporary stacking of goods.

4. In the tank body, the dual stirring modes of blade mechanical stirring and circulating jet stirring are used to allow the material to be in a state of full suspension evenly during the process of stirring and spraying, and the uniformly mixed raw materials can be uniformly sprayed at one time.


1. According to the different proportions of the conveyed materials, there is a big difference in the transport distance.

2. Proposed ratio of ingredients: water: soil: rice husks, etc., sprayed substrate=1:1:1 (wherein the proportion of soil is measured on the basis of sandy soil, and clay needs to be appropriately reduced according to specific conditions)

Application area

Custom soil sprayer

Suitable for stone slopes, barbed wire slopes, high slopes, sprayed thick slopes, high efficiency, suitable for large-scale construction, the maximum range of 20-50 meters, is the first choice for long-term greening, can be suitable for various Slope, heading can reach 125 meters.

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