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Hydroseeding for Expressway Greening Engineering

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 In the high-speed road of our country, the most serious damage is the high-speed slope. The greening of high speed slope can effectively reduce the damage of high speed road, reduce soil and water loss, and protect the environment to contribute to the greening project. With the rapid growth of Chinaundefineds social economy, expressway has become an important transportation hub of national economy and modern life. At the end of 2006, the total mileage of expressway in China has reached 45300 km, and will reach 65000 km in 2010. Highway greening is an important part of land greening and an indispensable main content in highway construction. The first task of highway greening is to improve the service function of highway. The greening must achieve the purpose of stabilizing roadbed, protecting pavement, inducing traffic, ensuring driving safety, reducing noise, protecting environment and coordinating with nature, and so on. At the same time, it is beneficial to driving safety. Guide the line of sight for the staff, reduce eye fatigue, thereby reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents.

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