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Hydroseeding for grass seeding

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  Soil spraying planting is a new technique of greening in the world at present. This technique obeys the law of nature and sprays the organic soil substrates in proportion and thickness on the slopes which have been fixed with wire mesh in advance. Then it is sprayed to plant grass, which makes it difficult to use other methods to grow the stony slope of plants to achieve the purpose of greening slope stabilization. The most important features of this technology are as follows: The Advanced Science of Technology Greening on a rocky slope cannot be achieved overnight. It has to be circulated and gradually divided into three steps; the first step is to fix the screen on the rocky slope; the second step, 

  Soil spraying machine was used to provide soil conditions for plant growth by spraying filled organic soil into the seedling bed skeleton. In the third step, hydraulic spraying was carried out to plant grass. Therefore, this is a set of advanced grass planting technology with perfect system. Operational implementation This technology faces the fact that the original stone overslope can not be directly afforested, invests practically and artificially establishes the necessary conditions for plant growth on the slope surface. In addition, the technical material is easy to obtain, the construction standard, and the greening effect is better. To beautify the highway environment and the effect of fixed slope, has a good operability and practical price.

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