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Hydroseeding technology plays a role of afforestation and stabilization for slope

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  At present, for rock slopes, slope protection measures are mainly masonry protection and plant protection. Masonry protective structure is stable and effective, but it has the disadvantages of poor ecological environment benefit and limited service life. The advantage of plant protection is that the ecological environment benefit is good, but the rock slope is usually steeper and higher, the basic conditions of plant growth such as nutrient and moisture are poor, it is very difficult for plants to survive under natural conditions, and can not play a protective role in seedling stage. In addition, rock slope protection has not been an ideal technical method. The effect of Anchorage and shotcrete protection is fast, but because of its poor environmental, ecological and landscape effects and limited service life, it has been used less and less in recent years. It is an ideal method for rock slope protection that soil spraying can not only play the protective effect of anchoring and shotcreting, but also make plants grow, restore ecological environment and create landscape. The technology of soil spraying can solve the problem of rock slope protection and greening at the same time once and for all. It combines the advantages of engineering protection and biological protection, and can carry out slope protection quickly, steadily, economically and aesthetically. Ecological restoration and landscape reconstruction, thus forming a new set of slope protection and greening technology. This technique is suitable for slope protection of rock slope, mixed soil slope, hard soil slope and artificial greening of stone and concrete surface.

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