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Hydroseeding technology plays a role of afforestation and stabilization for slope

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  The technology of soil spray seeding is to mix soil, organic substrate, binder, water-retaining agent, fertilizer, acid and alkali regulator and seed in a certain proportion, and then stir them well. The soil layer of plant growth is formed on the complex slope where the original vegetation is destroyed by the high power jet seeding machine. After the seed germinates into the flat, it plays a greening and stabilizing role on the slope. With the development of our economy, the progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of cultural life, the highway mileage is increasing rapidly, the environmental protection problem is more and more prominent, and more attention is paid to it. The new idea of highway construction comes into being. The success of some typical demonstration projects in highway construction under the guidance of the new idea indicates that the new concept will guide the construction of ecological highway in our country in the future. Large-scale excavated slope will have a negative impact on the natural environment and landscape along the highway slope construction, which may lead to a series of adverse consequences, such as soil erosion, the destruction of plant communities and the deterioration of landscape quality. The slope will cause visual pollution because its surface color is dark and monotonous, and even the collapse will cause the road to be unable to run normally. Slope protection, greening, soil and water conservation, landscape and other issues are becoming more and more important.

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