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Layout principle of slope greening

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company 5.jpg Generally speaking, the plant should choose drought, barren, developed root system, good coverage, easy to survive and easy to manage. At the same time, it takes into account the landscape effect of herbs or woody plants. The slope is dominated by planting herbaceous land. According to the actual situation in different areas, greening patterns such as cluster planting and column planting are adopted, so that trees, irrigation, flowers and grass can be matched as far as possible. Plant communities forming different landscapes. The technical principle of plant allocation for slope ecological protection is to adopt soil and water conservation as the main method, and the slope protection with ecological landscape effect should be considered for the gradual restoration of the whole vegetation, and the ecological pattern should be arranged mainly by forest and grass plants, which is beneficial to soil and slope protection. Prevent soil erosion, improve highway slope landscape and driving effect, which is beneficial to driving safety.

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