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Matrix materials used for spray seeding

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(1)Soil improver: improving the soil quality of slope, promoting the formation of aggregate structure of soil, promoting seed germination and promoting the growth of rhizobium, such as peat soil, sawdust (grain husk, vitamin growth agent, etc.) 

(2)Water absorbent: because the water in rock surface is not permeable, the moisture evaporates quickly after rainfall, which is not easy for the germination and growth of plant seeds. The dosage of water absorbent is 12 grams per square meter.

(3) Long-effect compound fertilizer: the combination of slow-release long-effect fertilizer and available fertilizer is made up of various fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium according to a certain proportion. 

(4) Local soil material: the mature soil excavated by roadbed is used. After broken by soil crusher, artificial sieve is used to control the particle size of the soil in order to be easy to spray and stir evenly.

(5) Plant seeds: after the investigation of local plant communities, native species such as Caragana, poplar, tall fescue, wattle, safflower, Amorpha fruticosa and alfalfa were selected. Fiber mulch: after spraying on the surface of the earth, it forms a uniform fiber blanket, which, through its own interwoven soil and slope protection, inhibits dust and prevents soil erosion; when plant seeds begin to grow, The soil can be gradually degraded to form humic acid to nourish the soil, and cellulose can be sprayed on the sloping field to further increase the intertexture of the fiber. Auxiliary material for soil spraying: if the method is used in areas such as gravel, soft rock, broken layer and hard base rock in harsh environments, it should be fixed with galvanized barbed wire and used to break into rock with anchors, Used to hang galvanized wire mesh and play a certain role in stabilizing the slope. Acid, basic conditioning agent: acid and alkalinity of the neutralized soil, such as active calcium.

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