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Meaning of slope protection

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Meaning of slope protection

With the development of our society,our country base installation constructing is more and more rapidly.With the traffic/Water conservancy/mining/electricity and other project conducting,formed plenty of wound slope,such as road/railway/river etc.The wound slope will affect ecosystem landscape and it will come with geological disaster,It will affect main greening project.Let`s discuss about the meaning of slope greening in the following.

1. Slope greening can help to rehabilitate greening and protect plants on slope,keep balance of ecosystem.

2. Slope greening can keep soil stable,resist soil erosion.It can improve environment and landscape,beauty environment,cultivate water,prevent landslide,fresh air.

3. Slope greening can reduce traffic accident,green plant on the two sides of the roan can efficiently cover up light from opposite side,Play an anti-glare effect,reduce the traffic caused by reflection.3

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