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Respect the law of nature

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Based on the theory of adapting to ecology, we should respect nature, face up to nature, protect nature, restore nature, give consideration to ecological benefit, economic benefit and social benefit, so as to achieve the evergreen four seasons and reflect the landscape effect with local characteristics. At the same time, in selecting plant species, we should insist on biodiversity, multi-family combination, tree, shrub, grass combination, construction of trees, irrigation, grass combination, multi-tree species, multi-structure, multi-function multi-layer ecological landscape community, effectively increase green quantity and green leaf area, The potential ecological force per unit area was excavated and the leaf area index was increased. The line changes and rhythm in the whole greening area should be paid attention to. However, based on the consideration of climate, soil and site types, preference should be given to tree species and lawn cover plants that are resistant to drought, barren, pollution and pollution, which can not only adapt to local land conditions but also meet the requirements of highway greening. To achieve the unity of function, art and science. In the cutting slope (upper slope), consideration should be given to the use of mixed planting techniques of different species of grass or grasses, with annual herbs (or older ones) and perennial herbs. Mixed with a certain proportion of shrubs or small trees. At first, the annual herbs grew rapidly, and the soil was protected against erosion. Later, perennial herbs and shrubs or small trees became the dominant species. The slope protection and landscape function of the embankment slope should be strengthened further. Perennial, cold, drought, barren, strong growth and regenerative grass species should be selected for the embankment slope (lower slope).8.jpg

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