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Selection of the main physiological characteristics of plant seeds

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(1)Tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea): it has strong cold tolerance. It is suitable for all kinds of soil conditions and adapts to all kinds of site conditions. 

(2) Camptotheca acuminata: poor tolerance and strong cold tolerance. It can grow in acid soil under forest shade, and its root system density is high, which is beneficial to soil formation. 

(3) Camptotheca acuminata: it grows quickly in poor condition and grows better in wet condition, but drought tolerance and heat resistance are poor, root fixation ability is poor, and surface soil is easy to fall off in steep slope condition. Koggtooth: extremely resistant to heat, drought. On the coast, sand growth and development, not shading, cold tolerance poor. Hua Mulan: in barren land, dry land can grow well, and can grow normally under texture, heat tolerance, but cold tolerance, acid tolerance, rapid initial growth, strong self-seeding ability. Amorpha fruticosa: tolerance to barren, drought resistance, strong soil consolidation ability, stable germination and growth, strong reliability, a little shade, heat tolerance, easy to mix with herbaceous plant symbiosis, in the steep slope, stone mountain can grow normally, the initial growth is slow. Ryegrass: under barren soil, shading conditions, it can grow and develop, has certain tolerance to trample, adapts to a wide range of soil, and grows rapidly in fertility with slight acidity. Cold, heat and drought tolerance are poor. Annual ryegrass only adapts to that year's growth.

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