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Simple analysis of the reason why the sprayer is unable to spray?

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When customers use the sprayer for a period of time, they will have a weak spray. Today, Hengrui sprayer manufacturers give you a simple analysis of the reasons for the better use of the user.

1. Too much fiber content

      During the mixing process, adding too much fiber, the first is not conducive to the late growth of the grass, the second is easy to increase the cost, reduce the amount of grass fiber can be;

2. Pipe or pump plugging

    Large enough stones or foreign matter into the pipeline or the pump, causing the pipeline or the pump to clog, can be removed from the quick connection;

3. Pump impeller wear serious

    If the content of sand in the used soil is too large to increase the wear of the impeller or it is used for a long time (more than two years), replace the impeller.

4. engine problem

    For a long time without the maintenance of the engine, this is more common at the site and it is also the most easily overlooked. It is recommended that the engine be regularly maintained according to the requirements in the instruction manual.

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