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Slope greening is a systematic project

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9.jpg. The main body of slope ecological protection is plant. A certain slope protection can achieve permanent natural ecological visual effect and prevent soil erosion. In recent years, jet seeding technology has been applied to vegetation restoration of stone slopes. Good results have been achieved. However, ecological restoration of slope is a difficult problem in the construction of ecological environment at present. The technology of spraying, sowing and planting grass by hydraulic wet jet machine is a collection of machinery, chemistry and biology developed in recent ten years. A new technology of forced greening construction of soil slope with bare land, which is integrated with soil science, is used for its simple construction, wide applicability, high engineering quality and good greening protection effect. The low cost of the project makes up for the shortage of the traditional plant protection technology (sowing grass seeds, pasting turf, etc.), and it is generally concerned by the construction units. Hydraulic spraying is to plant species, wood fiber, water absorbent, binder, fertilizer, etc. The mixture of dye and water is sprayed on the slope through a special jet seeder. Now it has been widely used in highway greening projects. Because of the viscous suspension containing plant species, it has strong adhesion and obvious color. Spray without omission, no repetition, can evenly spray plant species to the destination. In good moisturizing conditions, can quickly sprout, rapid development into a new system of greening protection. Therefore, hydraulic spraying is a high speed, High quality and modern greening technology.

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