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Soil-jetting sprayer spraying mixed vegetation technology

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At present, in the slope greening protection project, the sowing and sowing of the soil and soil sprayer, hydraulic spraying, and spray mixing and planting are typical ecological protection construction techniques; in the slope greening and conservation engineering, drip irrigation, infiltration irrigation, water injection, and irrigation Pipe root irrigation and membrane hole irrigation are irrigation technologies that can save water resources, improve survival rate, and promote the growth of grass and shrubs; in terms of soil fertility, ABT rooting powder, mycorrhizal fungi, agrobacteria, and various microbial fertilizers, It promotes rooting, growth and development of plants, and improves the physiological function and resistance of plants.

An important measure to prevent grassland from being degraded is to use grass-irrigation combined with a so-called sowing seeder or spray-mixed planting technology. The grass seed and shrub species can be mixed. Early protection is mainly based on turf and the latter is mainly shrub-proof. To build a three-dimensional protective ecological system of trees and shrubs to achieve the purpose of restoring natural vegetation.

Advantages of the performance of the hybrid soil sprayer

1. The patented technology of the custom soil sprayer can smoothly spray the muddy materials with poor flowability, without clogging and uninterrupted, with strong adaptability to materials and large output pressure.

2. The sowing and sowing seeder adopts the dual stirring modes of blade mechanical stirring and circulating jet stirring, which is enough to ensure that the mixed liquid is in a state of complete suspension in the spray spraying process, and can evenly eject the mixed raw materials at one time.

3, the use of a wide range of applications of soil sprayer equipment, can be used to spray rice fields, lawns, flowers, crops, crop seeds, etc., can also be used for irrigation, fertilization, spraying pesticides and other daily care and soil improvement work.

4, Hengrui sowing sowing machine and other side slope greening equipment can also be a one-time seed, fertilizer, soil conditioner, seed binder, moisturizer, fiber covering material, orange straw, yellow loam, red loam, sandy loam, Soils such as clay and some strongly differentiated stone-clad soils are organically mixed, and large-scale, high-concentration, and extra-heavy soils are uniformly sprayed.

With the rapid construction of highways, railways and cities in modern cities, a large number of bare earth slopes have been excavated to form a large number of exposed slopes. This not only destroys the original ecological environment and causes water and soil erosion, but also results in geological disasters due to the instability of slopes. Security risks. Therefore, the subject of slope management and slope greening has received more and more attention and attention from people.

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