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Soil spray sowing machine operation process

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  To understand the operation process of the standard Hydroseeding sprayer, we can better use the Hydroseeding sprayer and use it more to work, but many do not know what the formal operation is, so the following Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Hengrui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. For you to introduce the formal operation of the flow. HKP sprayer operation process as follows: Loading operation: a certain amount of water needs to be filled in the tank of a vehicle-borne hydraulic jet planter, then sifted soil, peat, coarse fiber, compound fertilizer, polymer binder, water-retaining agent, etc. Stir until well balanced. The final step is to spray seed, cover cloth, maintain: according to a certain proportion of grass seed, compound fertilizer, pulp, wood fiber, water retention agent, The operation of hanging and anchoring: in the construction operation, as far as possible let the three-dimensional network from the bottom to the top of the laying, so that the three-dimensional network and slope better together. The bottom layer of the base is sprayed and sprayed with soil, which is required to cover the three-dimensional network position. Cleaning of broken surface: the main work is to clean the sloping surface sludge, gravel and gravel to ensure that the slope section is smooth and stable, laying a good foundation for the work behind.

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