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Spraying technology of slope greening

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  The technology of soil spraying has become an effective method for vegetation protection of highway slope, biological protection of river embankment and establishment of green space on a large scale. The main equipment is the key to the construction quality and efficiency. It is a kind of high efficiency, multi-purpose sprayer, which can be used in greening spraying on soilless or organic soil surface such as rock, sand, etc., and is used in mixture composed of soil, seed, water, fertilizer and other admixtures. Or similar material transportation, spray sowing. Features: single diesel engine driven, simple operation, especially suitable for field work. Depending on the double helical horizontal axis forced stirrer to agitate the slurry in the tank to form a three-dimensional circulating flow, the mixing efficiency of the mixture of solid and water is high, and the high concentration slurry with 30% to 60% solid content can be fully mixed. And during the process of spray sowing, the suspension state is always maintained. The main pump adopts the hose pump, which belongs to the valveless pump. It has the characteristics of wide flow channel and low rotational speed, which ensures the integrity of the transportation of the spraying material and does not appear the imagination of blockage.

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