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Talk about the problems in spray and hydroseeding construction

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Before using the sprayer for spraying, it is necessary to solve the issue of Jianping first. However, many people do not know how to build a platform. The ploughing machine stated that building pings includes the selection of seasons and grass species, sowing and planting methods, as follows:

Suitable season for planting and type of grass seed

The selection of cool-season grasses was planted in spring, summer and early autumn. The cold-season ramets were planted in the spring, summer and autumn in the northern regions. Stem-planting warm-season grasses were carried out during the summer and rainy seasons in the south. Planting belts, paving grass or grass rolls can be carried out in all four seasons in warm areas, and in the north in spring, summer and autumn.


1. The amount of seeding. According to the grass species and germination rate, the general germination rate requirement is> 80%, bentgrass is 3-7g/m2, grassland bluegrass is 5-15g/m2, and other grass species are generally 20-30g/m2.

2. sowing time. In the north, it is spring, summer and autumn. The South can be all year round. Determine the time of sowing mainly consider the relationship between the lawn and the environment, should give turfgrass enough time for growth and development, so that it through the "crisis", such as high temperature, high humidity, drought, weeds spread, cold period. Avoid planting during the "crisis period" so as not to cause low germination rate, lack of seedlings, weak seedlings and weed symbiosis.

3. Seeding method: Before sowing, irrigate the ground and soak the ground. After the water is infiltrated and slightly dry, use a nail rake (tooth width 20 to 30mm) to dig the trench vertically and horizontally on the ground. The depth of the trench is about 5mm, and then the treated grass seeds are mixed. Fine sandy soil is evenly spread in the ditch, and flat ping ping is used.

Lawn establishment method

(4) Stem shop: The stem shop time, warm-season grass species in the late spring and early summer is appropriate, cold-season grass species suitable for the spring and autumn.

(3) Dot shop: The turf is cut into 30mm × 30mm spot species, 1m2 lawn spot species 2 ~ 5m2.

(2) Shop: The method of planting is the same as the shop. Use 1m2 lawn to plant 2~3m2 area.

(1) Overlay: The selected lawn should be cut into 300mm*300mm. Under the compaction of the soil, there should be a gap of 20-30mm between the block and the block. Fill the soil again, and water it in a timely manner after being laid. If the grass species is cold season type, it can leave no gaps.

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