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Technology in Slope Ecological Protection

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   With the rapid development of highway, a large number of bare slopes are formed during the excavation of highway construction in, and the large areas of bare slopes are incompatible with the surrounding environment, which has caused great damage to the landscape. At the same time, there are hidden dangers of soil and water loss in the exposed slope surface, which cannot meet the requirements of ecological environmental protection. In recent years, with the improvement of environmental protection consciousness, the highway construction department of our country has paid more and more attention to ecological protection. In fact, The protection of embankment slope is closely related to greening, which should be considered synthetically and take the measures of combining engineering with vegetation, which requires the use of the concepts of comprehensive management and ecological protection to select the scheme.

   For soil slopes, wet spraying and three dimensional net planting techniques are widely used in engineering practice to establish vegetation and protect slopes. For slopes with poor soil quality and rock slopes, there is a lack of foundation for plant growth. They often take some protective measures, such as masonry, shotcrete and anchor hanging, not only the damaged vegetation can not be restored, but also the ecological environment and landscape of the highway are affected. How to ensure the stability of stone slope and realize long-term greening has become the focus and difficulty of highway environmental protection and highway construction department. We need to find a more effective method to realize greening. Technology with the aid of foreign Hakka materials, It is an effective ecological protection method to provide growth substrate 



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