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The main force of greening in the new era-hydroseeding machine

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  In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the greening project of slope sprayer, but in the mountain slope of tens of meters, artificial planting is difficult, unsafe and high cost. Therefore, in the development process of greening construction, The greening of the jet seeding machine was gradually popularized. At present, more and more methods are used in slope road greening, in which road greening is an important part of road construction. Spraying greening is a new greening technology, which has many advantages. The range of adaptation is so wide that in some unimaginable planting areas, such as rock or non-soil zones, greening can be carried out through the spraying of exotic soil and nutrients, as opposed to hydrodynamic spraying. The concentration of solid particles in the soil sprayed is relatively large, so the soil slope can be larger.

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