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The principle of spraying technology

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The technology of spraying sowing belongs to the field of ecological restoration. Ecological restoration is a process of ecological restoration, which aims to study the mechanism and process of ecological degradation and ecological restoration. That is, after people have fully understood the underlying mechanisms for ecosystem degradation, they have purposely actively interfered with degraded, damaged or damaged ecosystems to repair their structures and functions. Thus, the practice process of ecosystem structure and function returning to its pre-interference state is realized. Spray sowing technology is one of the most popular, fast and effective, and relatively low cost ecological restoration technologies in the world. Its principle is that plant seeds, water, fiber mulch, binder, fertilizer, nutritious soil are made of plant seeds, water, fiber mulch, binder, fertilizer, and nutritious soil. After mixing with soil stabilizer and soil improver in a certain proportion, the soil stabilizer is sprayed into the original geomorphological surface of the original vegetation through a special spray mixing system (special jet seeding machine), which forms a uniform matrix covering layer. While improving the soil, The mulch depends on the intertwining of the fibers and the viscosity of the aqueous solution and is attached to the surface of the earth to create good conditions for the growth of primary plants, both to prevent soil and water loss, and to conserve water and nutrients, and to stabilize and protect seeds. It is a good medium for plant seed growth, which can promote the rapid restoration of vegetation, improve the landscape and protect the environment.

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