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The problem of the spray broadcasting quality of the soil hydroseeding sprayer and its solution

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There may be some failures in the process of using the sorptive seeding machine, affecting the progress and quality of the entire project. How can we avoid these failures as much as possible? Here are some common breakdowns and solutions.

(1) The overall seed meter is not seeded. Because there is no seed in the seed box;

The transmission mechanism does not work; the drive pulley does not rotate. Seeds should be added; overhaul and adjustment of the transmission mechanism; exclusion of drive wheel slip factors. 

(2) The monomer metering device is not seeded. Due to the seed wheel clamp, the key pin is loosened and does not rotate; the round seed tube or the following kind of mouth is blocked. The seed wheel should be re-strengthened; check the seeding tube and the seed inlet and clear the plug. 

(3) The sowing rate of the sowed seeder is not uniform. Due to the large change in working speed; severe scratching of the tongue; loosening of the outer groove wheel stop collar, the length of the work. The speed of the work should be kept constant; replace the scratch tongue; adjust the working length of the outer sheave, and fix the clamp. (4) The rate of broken seeds is high. Due to the high speed of operation, the transmission speed is high; the seeding device is damaged; the size and shape of the seed wheel are not adapted; the tongue of the seeding wheel is too close to the seed wheel. The speed of operation should be reduced and uniform speed should be maintained; the sowing device should be replaced; the appropriate seed wheel (disc) should be replaced; and the distance between the scraping tongue and the seed wheel should be adjusted. 

(5) Insufficient sowing concentration. Due to the lack of pressure of the grooved spring, the opener rod is deformed and the earthing angle becomes smaller. The spring should be tightened to increase the opener pressure; the opener puller should be calibrated to increase the angle of entry. 

(6) The opener of the soil sprayer is blocked. Because the precision seeder fell too fast; the soil was too wet; the opener was reloaded after entering the soil. Stop the opener to clean the soil; timely sowing; reversing is prohibited during operation. 

(7) The cover soil is not tight. Due to the improper angle of the soil cover plate; lack of opener spring pressure; soil too hard, should adjust the angle of the cover soil, tighten the spring to increase the opener pressure; increase precision seeder counterweight.

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