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Characteristics of hydroseeding technology

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1. The technology has a wide range of applications. With the use of materials such as mulch, stabilizer, improver and special fertilizer, it can be used not only in areas with good soil quality, but also in exposed rock slopes, barren hills, and abandoned areas with poor geological conditions. Areas in urgent need of control, severe wind erosion areas and other difficult afforestation areas to establish good vegetation.

2, high construction efficiency, each equipment can be sprayed on 10,000 square meters per day, can meet the needs of large areas of rapid greening. 

3, the greening effect is good, the spraying can form a membrane structure on the soil surface, effectively prevent Rain Water from scouring and avoid the seed loss, so the vegetation established is even and neat, and the effect is good. 

4, mechanized operation, require less labor, low cost. It is precisely because of the above characteristics of spray sowing technology that the technology has been widely used in various fields of engineering construction, especially in the ecological restoration of highway slope protection and other bare rock or barren sloping fields, and the construction technology is becoming more and more mature. And with the hard work of domestic scientific and technological personnel and through the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technologies, a large number of spray-sowing materials that can replace imported products have been developed, which has changed the situation of relying solely on imported jetting materials. A large amount of foreign exchange has been saved for the country. In short, jet seeding technology is an advanced vegetation planting technology, which has a broad development prospect in China.



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