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Ecological characteristics of slope greening

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  Lack of the necessary conditions for plant growth. Lack of soil conditions, nutrient conditions, the soil environment necessary for vegetation growth, direct seed sowing or seedling greening, even if the present widely used Hydroseeding soil spraying technology is used in China, Its protective effect is also not ideal, because the bond force between grouting and rock slope is very small. In addition, it is difficult for the vegetation roots to absorb enough water and nutrients from the slope rock strata for their growth and development because of the poor water retention function and less active nutrients contained in the rock mass. The slope is large. The general design slope of rock slope of highway, railway engineering and mine is above 1: 0.75, some of which can reach 1: 0.3 or even stand upright. The Rain Water runoff on the slope is very fast, and it is easy to form erosion in the high rainfall area, and the soil particles caused by natural weathering and wind transport on the slope are difficult to retain and accumulate at the foot of the slope under the action of hydraulic and gravity. In addition, the rainfall can not stay on the slope, resulting in the vegetation difficult to survive. 3) the natural ecological conditions on the slope are abominable. The rock slope has no soil cover and is short of water. The exposed rock surface temperature is too high under direct sunlight, even if the seeds carried by wind or animal transport are embedded in the rock gap, it will be difficult to germinate and survive because of the high temperature.



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