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Good assistant of hydroseeding machine--Hengrui soil screening machine

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Good assistant of hydroseeding machine--Hengrui soil screening machine

What if soil is bad,hydroseeding machine nozzle always get stuck?Here we get good assistant of hydroseeding machine--Hengrui soil screening machine,solve all the problem bad soil bring to you.

Hengrui soil screening machine equiped with diesel engine,it is applied rotating drum design,and screwing convey the material,this ensure material can be continuous crushed,big size granular can be easily breaked up,high working efficience,this machine is well adaptable,you can equipe different standard screen according to different soil structure,fit for various material granular requirements.

Henan Hengrui soil screening machine is used to screen the soil,including clay,remove the stone,leaf and other impurity,filter out smaller granular soil.It can also work in light rainy day,both northern and southern are suitable,many customers are satisfied with it.Henan Henrui soil screening machine can work with dry sprayer/wet sprayer/greening sprayer.

Hengrui soil screening machine outlet material quickily and not easily to get stuck,it is efficient soil screening machine,this machine can screen 200-300 square meter soil,feed with forklift,2 persons can operate it,save labor cost.Hengrui soil screen is also covenient to mobile,driven with diesel motor,comes with arm support and wheel,it can be dragged by normal vehicle to make short transition.Hengrui soil screen machine is efficient/high quality/low cost.

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