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The significance and basic principles of slope greening

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The slope vegetation engineering can be divided into soil slope greening and stone slope greening and its environmental significance is obvious. Slope greening can beautify the environment, conserve water sources, prevent soil erosion and landslides, purifying the air. For rock slope, side slope greening and environmental significance in particular. As a kind of slope greening and environmental protection technology, must adhere to the following principles:
(1) the principle of full nature to the slope afforestation must ensure the stability and safety of the slope. At the same time, we should consider the protection of the slope.
(2) coordination principle of slope greening must be consistent with the surrounding environment.
(3) the principle of permanent slope greening must be done once and for all. Avoid artificial maintenance and management.
(4) the economic principle must consider the appropriate greening methods to achieve economic rationality.




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