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How to improve the effect of spray seeding

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  How can we improve the effect of jet seeding? In order to improve the effect of jet seeding, we must pay attention to the following points: The spraying area should be managed and maintained in a timely manner; soil modifiers (such as water-retaining agents, etc.) and stabilizers may be used when necessary to ensure the spraying effect; the necessary treatment of the flat bed should be carried out, including land preparation, fertilization, etc. In order to meet the requirements of spraying sowing, select the appropriate fertilizer and dosage, so that the seedling seeds can grow rapidly, the proportion of fiber mulch should be appropriate to ensure seed germination and growth; According to the meteorological conditions, the plan of sprinkler irrigation and irrigation amount should be determined. When necessary, appropriate measures should be taken to keep moisture; to select suitable lawn seeds or stolons, and to determine the amount of seeding; to analyze the sprayed soil, and to improve the soil if necessary.



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