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Introduce four special slope greening

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  There are many facilities and methods for slope greening. Therefore, we remind everyone that the greening method must be based on actual conditions to select the greenest method so as to save manpower and material resources. When it comes to greening, you may encounter a variety of situations that are more difficult to handle. So today, we will introduce four special slope greenings for you to prepare for:

1.High hardness soil slope greening:

When the compressive strength of the soil is greater than 15 kg/cm2, the growth of the plant roots is hindered, and the plant growth and development is poor. In this case, the soil hardness can be improved by drilling and excavation of the soil. You can also use vegetative greenery.

2.Rock slope greening:

Rock slopes are generally high and steep slopes. There are no conditions for plant growth, and it is necessary to provide land for greening. For rocky slopes with undeveloped joints and good stability, the greenery of lianas can be considered. The method is to plant the vines near the slope or on the sides of the slopes, plant the lianas on them, and the vines grow, climb, and cover the slopes.

3.Slope greening:

The greening of the scenic slopes has high aesthetic requirements and is subject to regular maintenance and management. Greening requires careful design and construction. The trees should use the evergreens of the four seasons, and the grasses should be suitable for the vigorously growing species. Flowers can also be used. Slopes should be reinforced as necessary, such as hanging nets, piling, etc. Pedestrian access should be set up for routine maintenance and management.

4.Steep slope greening:

For slopes above 25°, special attention is to be paid to the protection of slopes during greening. Shrubs and herbaceous plants may be used for planting. Pilings may be made on the slopes, fences may be set up, and stone masonry frames may be used to facilitate slope stability and plant growth. However, these measures do not guarantee the long-term stability of the slope, and they must be maintained and managed in the later period. For important slopes, planting greens can be used.



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