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Planting technology with spray planting is a renovation of greening technology

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   Spraying planting and greening technology, introduced by Europe and the United States advanced technology of rapid regeneration of green vegetation. Heng Rui spray planting and greening technology is to spray plant (tree, shrub, flowers, plants, etc.) seeds, auxin, adhesives, plant fiber and other components on the surface of the earthundefineds surface, in the shortest time, to make barren areas (such as gravel slopes, gorges, etc.) Efficient mechanization of greening of steep dikes and other flat areas. 

  Spray planting and greening technology is mainly used in highway, railway cut, embankment, slope, highway separation zone; forest road, reservoir embankment, factory, mine, power station and other engineering construction sites, as well as open areas in mining areas, slag mountains, Garbage dump, quarry; Spraying planting and greening technology is a great innovation of modern greening technology, which has the advantages of fast speed, high efficiency, low investment and low cost. Some countries have been widely used. The basic principle is to use machinery to mix seeds, fertilizers, clay, glue and water, mix and spray, and make seeds adhere to the ground. When the climate and soil are suitable, the seeds can germinate and grow quickly and greening quickly. A sprayer can greener tens to hundreds of mu per hour. Spray-seeding greening is widely used, where greening is needed.



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