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Spraying technology of slope greening equipment

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  It is important to note that the amount of water and fiber is the main factor affecting the area of spraying and sowing . Under certain conditions , the fiber is too much , the consistency is increased , not only the material is wasted , but also the adverse effect of spraying and sowing can not be satisfied . The fiber is too small to reach the corresponding coverage area and effect , which can not meet the requirement of spraying . The research shows that the suitable weight ratio of water and fiber is 30 : 1 .
In addition , when the ingredients are put into a spray tank , water is added and then added with an adhesive , a fiber , a fertilizer and a seed , and then the mixture is thoroughly stirred to form a uniform slurry , and then is sprayed .
  The slope greening equipment shall be sprayed and cast on the slope surface , and the slope surface shall be treated before spraying , and sundries such as large stones , roots , plastics and the like shall be properly leveled , so as to ensure the moisture content of the soil . After spraying , the sunshade net or non - woven fabric shall be covered so as to better prevent wind , shade and moisture .
  Due to the high evenness of the lawn planting and the relatively easy management after sowing , our country has been widely used in solid soil slope protection and large area greening , such as highways , railways , dams and golf courses , and has achieved good social benefits , ecological benefits and economic benefits , and the specialized industry technology has been formed .




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