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The technology of Hydroseeding

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  The technology of Hydroseeding originated from the technology of artificial seeding. Mechanical facilities were added to the process of artificial simulation of aerial seeding, which formed a special tool for artificial backpack seeding. After the transformation, the artificial simulated aerial seeding was changed from human simulated aerial seeding to mechanical simulated aerial seeding. The tractor was used as traction. This kind of machine has the advantages of saving labor, spreading evenly, saving time and saving seed. The quantity of seeds per mu is only 0.5 kg, and it can be sown 350, 400 mu per day. This is based on the traditional technology. Another new technological breakthrough. People put forward higher requirements for the quality of ecological environment construction, so the ecological protection technology of bare slope, vegetation spray seeding technology, was created. The vegetation spraying technology was developed by the United States in the 1970s. Japan and other countries have developed research and applications. In 1995, China was introduced from Switzerland by the Environmental Protection Research Office of the Academy of Science and Research of the Ministry of Communications. At present, it has been greening the slopes of highways, restoring vegetation in mines, and greening urban landscapes. Golf course and other projects slope protection and greening promotion and application.



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