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Hydroseeding machine machine helps to improve the surrounding environment

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  The rapid development of Hydroseeding sprayer brings a new hope for slope beautification. Provides excellent solutions for soil erosion, degradation and biological chains, debris flows, and other problems. It is a long time to rehabilitate the ecological slope formed by natureundefineds personal engineering, so now most of them rely on artificial machinery such as beautifying vegetation slope and soil spraying machine to recover. Hengrui machinery, applied for a national patent, and in many large-scale projects in China. It can be used to cultivate paddy fields, lawns, flowers and trees, crop seeds and so on. It can also be used in irrigation, manure, pesticide spraying and other routine maintenance and soil improvement operations. The sprayer can also make seeds, fertilizers, soil improvers, binders, moisturizers, fiber seed masking materials, straw, yellow and red soil, sandy loam, clay, some strong fossil soil organic blend, improve the soil, on a large scale, The slurry with high concentration of heavy metal erupts evenly. In addition to easy to use, beautify the environment, cultivate water sources, avoid soil erosion and landslides, clean air stability, beautiful flowers, grass, species selection, fast soil consolidation, beautification function.



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