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New Zealand agents come to the factory for a visit

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        This customer visit: mainly talking about the cooperation plan of our company and the future discussion on the field of sprayer, according to the advantages of foreign fiber jet, customers design their own main brand. According to the design ideas brought by the clients from abroad and the construction of the original sprayer, a high performance domestic hydraulic jetting machine is drawn. The customerundefineds evaluation of our company is still quite high, because before that there were also some visiting and inspection visits to other sprayer manufacturers. They felt that many of them were in the form of workshops, the quality and technical services were not up to his requirements, and the hardware and software were not matched. 

      Finally, we decided to cooperate with the development of efficient fiber spraying machine. At present, custom 3-side models will be promoted in the future 8-and 12-side models. Must design as soon as possible, and then put into production, so that as soon as possible to the market.

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