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The necessity of the development of the spraying machine

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            Suggestions on the environmental protection of the sprayer, the elimination of white garbage pollution, the persistence of the classification of garbage and the care of plants, the formation of the habit of saving water, reducing the use of various chemical products as far as possible, and the rational strengthening of urban public transport construction, So as to reduce the frequency of the use of cars; vigorously support the promotion of environmental protection products; carry out encouraging policies to increase the enthusiasm of afforestation and forest protection; strengthen the exchange of countries around the world, learn from each other's weaknesses. 

   (B) to strengthen environmental education for all by providing people with accessible education on the causes and consequences of the global Greenhouse Effect and prevention measures, through the media and advocacy agencies, and even by including environmental protection as a compulsory curriculum in the compulsory education curriculum; The approval of factory construction should be carried out in accordance with ISO14000 standards, set up an environmental protection organization composed of professionals and give certain processing rights, and improve the hearing mechanism to solve environmental protection problems.



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