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Hydroseeding machine has many advantages

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  First, the sowing is even, the efficiency is high, the fertilization, the mixed seed, the seeding, the mulch and so on working procedure completes in one time, by the wind power influence is relatively small, enhances the lawn establishment speed and the quality; 

Secondly, to overcome the influence of unfavorable natural conditions, the seeds can be sprayed on steep slopes where direct seeding is difficult to succeed. At the same time, it can resist wind, rain and water, and meet the needs of building flat under different site conditions. Third, the cost is lower than turf coils, and does not occupy farmland, do not have to dig, ship, plant and long-distance transportation, reducing the intensity of labor; Fourth, the high scientific and technological content, the mixture of grass seeds, fertilizers and wrapping materials (fibers) is a combination of chemical and biological energy, and applied to the surface through mechanical energy, which embodies the scientific and advanced nature of biological planting. It is a revolution in lawn planting technology.




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