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Maintenance of slope greening

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  Slope greening equipment spray-seeding project also needs early maintenance, because whether the pre-maintenance is in place or not is related to the survival rate and growth status of plants. Prior maintenance includes: 

1.Sprinkler curing: using high pressure sprayer to make the curing water into a uniform wet slope, pay attention to the control of the distance between the spray head and the slope surface and the moving speed to ensure the formation of runoff without high pressure flowing water impact on the slope surface. The duration of conservation depends on the growth of slope vegetation.

2. Topdressing: topdressing should be based on the needs of plant growth. 

3, timely supplementary seeding: after the germination of grass seeds, the sparse grass-free areas should be seeded in time. According to the actual situation, retaining wall and other retaining structures can be arranged at the foot of the slope.



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