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There are so many hydroseeding machine suppliers,how to choose to avoid being tricked?

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There are so many hydroseeding machine suppliers,how to choose to avoid being tricked?

When many customers step into hydroseeding&greening industry,they are facing the problem that how to purchase hydroseeding machine and choose which supplier,originally hydroseeding machine is an exclusive machine belongs to minority,many customers never heard of this kind of equipment.Because the lack of understanding of hydroseeding machine,face the rhetoric of various manufacturers` salesman,they do not know whom to trust and whose product to choose.We who are 17 yeas experienced salesman will introduce you different suppliers/advantage and disadvantage of different hydroseeding machine to make sure you will not be tricked when you purchase it.

How to judge the other side is a real manufacturer or a trader?

When we purchase hydroseeding machine this kind exclusive machine,we should make trade with manufactures as much as possible,because hydroseeding machine developed very quickly in recent years,capable manufactures update the product very fast,and hydroseeding machine has many non-standard customlized accessorise,it is very difficult to find corresponding accessorise to replace,if you make trade with trader,they can not guarantee accessorise supply neither can provide good after-sale service.

In fact,if you want to judge the other side is a manufacture/trader or dealer,the straightforward way is to inspect the factory,but this method will waste customer plenty of time and energy.There is a simple method that is to find some working time we can show you around by wechat video.Please pay attention,do not turst any video or pictures,we must chat by online video,this is a better way to tell if the other side is a real manufacture.

How to judge if the manufacture is reliable to avoid being tricked?

After viewing the scale of manufacture production,situation of factory,judge manufacturer and trader,how to know if the other side is a high quality/very technical/capable factory?We can ask some targeted questions to judge if the factory is reliable.

What is the working principle and important parameter of hydroseeding machine?It is a special  machine whose working principle is to put soil/water/and other supplementary material into the integrated agitator tank,After agitate into slurry,straight spray with the slurry pump or spray with pipe,we can spray the nutritional substrate to the slope,seed can grow in the nutritional substrate,so that we can make greening.The important parameter of hydroseeding machine is the dimension of the pump and outlet pressure,do not believe the important parameter is the spray height/motor power,because every supplier will tell you the machine can spray very high.but the dimension and outlet of pump is a accurate numerical value,the spray height is only a reference value!If the other side always emphasize the spray height but do not tell you the pump dimension and outlet pressure,it means he is not reliable.

After distinguishing the other side is a manufacturer or trader and which manufacture is reliable,how to compare different manufacturers` product?how to treat the technological parameter?How to guarantee the after-sale service and so on,next time we will give you detail answer!



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