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how to select hydroseeding machine

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How to select hydroseeding machine model?


There are too many hydroseeding machine suppliers in the market,and there are many types of hydroseeding machine.How to select the one which is the most fit for yourself from these suppliers?Hengrui who has 17 years experience on producing hydroseeding machine will provide you the answer.

Hydroseeding machine model classification is very simple,mainly based on its technology parameter.Hydroseeding can be classified as 2 sorts:guest soil hydroseeding machine and hydraulic hydroseeding machine.Guest soil hydroseeding machine is fit for all kinds of slope,it can convey high concentration slurry to marked area,it is ubiquitous in the market.Hydraulic hydroseeding machine is mainly used to deliver liquid and water,it is fit for low slope and small area construction sites,it has below advantages:convenient to operate,spray evenly,low cost.These 2 sorts of machine have different models,hydroseeding machine is classified by tank volume,motor power and pump,so we must pay attention to the technology parameter difference of these 3 components,when we distinguish hyseeding machine models.And some hydroseeding machine is sorted by its feature.For example,the R&D patent of Henan Hengrui--polymer agreegate structure hydroseeding machine,this machine is applied with polymer agreegate technology to make the soil structure full of hydrophobicity(called hydrophobic reaction),this struction has not only water retention but also breathability,it is favorable for plant growth,it is valid to resist rain erosion and wind erosion,at the same time it can form stable plant root system to keep the soil firmly,protect the growth substrate of the slope,prevent soil erosion of the slope,at the same time it can achieve the comprehensive result of rehabilitating ecosystem,greening lanscape,etc.

The above is hydroseeding machine classification in general,for specific classification and model selection please contact our salesperson,we Hengrui who has 17 years` experience on the hydroseeding machine will recommend u the one which is the most fit for you.



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