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highway road slope greening

These articles are all highly relevant highway road slope greening. I believe this information can help you understand highway road slope greening's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Hydroseeding, the best erosion control method


    Hydroseeding is a spray-on water-based mixture of grass seed, wood fiber and fertilizer. It is often used to grow grass on steep slopes to help prevent soil erosion. The process of hydroseeding involves fiber mulch, fertilizer, water, seed and sometimes lime being mixed together inside a tank, and t Read More

  • China manufacturer hydroseeding machine for soil stabilization


    Hydroseeding is considered by experts as the most efficient way to restore deteriorating grass, whether it’s for a small backyard or thousands of acres. Hydroseeding is also commonly used for rapid erosion control and environmental restoration.Hydroseeding is a pross where seed and any combination o Read More

  • Hydroseeding machine is a good helper for landscaping


    With the rapid economic development,more and more highway is constructed.Usually,there are a lot of hillside need be greened around the highway.It will be impossible for man power to finish the green construction.What is the best choose for greening?It is hydroseeding. Read More

  • Building green highways and protecting the ecological environment


    Green highway is breaking the tradition step by step, with the strong vigor, the new idea, the new request, the new technology are derived constantly. But at present, the green highway is in the climbing stage, due to the lack of evaluation system and design guidelines, resulting in the owners of un Read More

  • Technology in Slope Ecological Protection


    With the rapid development of highway, a large number of bare slopes are formed during the excavation of highway construction in, and the large areas of bare slopes are incompatible with the surrounding environment, which has caused great damage to the landscape. At the same time, there are hidden d Read More

  • Chinese Soil spraying technology


    The technology of soil spraying is the key to the quality and efficiency of construction. Hydroseeding jetting machine is a kind of high efficiency and multi-purpose jet seeding machine. It combines the advantages of domestic and foreign spraying and sowing machinery, studies and improves repeatedly Read More

  • Selection of the main physiological characteristics of plant seeds


    (1)Tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea): it has strong cold tolerance. It is suitable for all kinds of soil conditions and adapts to all kinds of site conditions. (2) Camptotheca acuminata: poor tolerance and strong cold tolerance. It can grow in acid soil under forest shade, and its root system densit Read More

  • Hydroseeding machine machine helps to improve the surrounding environment


    The rapid development of Hakka-soil sprayer brings a new hope for slope beautification. Provides excellent solutions for soil erosion, degradation and biological chains, debris flows, and other problems. It is a long time to rehabilitate the ecological slope formed by natureundefineds personal engin Read More

  • Ecological protection engineering


    According to the requirements of the connotation of sustainable development and the coordination with the natural environment (ecosystem) and the ecological function of environmental protection, the spray-seeding project of slope greening equipment is concerned with the present situation and problem Read More

  • The advantages of spraying machine


    With the widespread application of Hakka sprayer, many users find that the construction noise and construction garbage are not produced in the construction of Hakka sprayer, and the advantages of ecological environmental protection, beautiful silencing and perfect integration with natural ecological Read More

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