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Advantages of cement sprayer in highway construction

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Advantages of cement sprayer in highway construction

The cement slurry spraying machine is also known as the cement slurry spreader, which is especially suitable for spraying viscous materials such as cement slurry. It can be formed at one time during the construction of the water stable layer of the road surface. Mainly used for highway construction. In the layered construction of the stable layer, the equipment can be used for spraying the cement paste between the upper and lower layers, and can also be used as a sprinkler. In traditional construction, the spraying of cement paste is mainly done by manpower, and there are defects such as large manpower input and poor spraying effect. The cement slurry sprayer adopts high-power mixing and new spraying device, which can show a better construction effect while increasing the construction speed.


Cement slurry spraying machine is to inject water, cement, adhesives, etc. into the tank body in proportion, and generate suspended mixed slurry under the action of the stirring shaft mechanically. Under the action of the slurry pump, the stirred mixed slurry is sprayed onto the work surface through the spray gun.

Performance characteristics of cement slurry spraying machine:

1. The machine is compact and easy to move. It can be used in places where mud spraying is required, such as river embankments, highways, reservoirs, and foundation pits.

2. The grout sprayer is equipped with diesel engine power and can be equipped with wheels, which not only reduces the use cost of the machine, but also facilitates the movement of the machine in places that are not suitable for vehicles to enter and exit; a variety of large and medium tank volumes are available for selection or can be customized according to requirements

3. It comes with a horizontal screw conveying mixing system and a reflux vertical scouring mixing system, which can effectively mix the mud evenly to prevent the mud from hardening and solidification;

4. The machine comes with a sprinkler system for guiding pipes, and is equipped with fan-shaped nozzles, which is convenient for customers to adopt different spraying methods according to different construction conditions, improve efficiency and reduce labor.

In general, the walking cement slurry sprayer is suitable for large and medium-sized roads and other cement slurry spraying projects. It sprays mixed slurries such as water, cement and adhesives. It adopts Changchai power, which has powerful power, fuel saving, high construction efficiency and easy operation. , Work stability and other characteristics.




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